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Treatments For Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the biggest problems some people can have, due to many different reasons. It can be any kind of disease, it can be stress, it can be genetic also and there could be any different reasons for this. Some hair loss may not need hair transplantation or surgery, because the hair grows up, but unfortunately some people may need help. According to the type of hair loss, there are different treatments. What the person needs to do, is just call Sky Hair and get information or a reservation to get detailed information. There is nothing to worry about.


            PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, which is a biological medication that is actually taken from the patient’s blood. How interesting is that, as the patient can medicate themselves. The blood plasma or in other words, the blood cells are made firm with concentrated platelet that consists of autologous protein and then put into the head of the patient. PRP is actually one of the best methods used to stop the hair from falling and it really works. Sky Hair uses this method for any of its patients and none of the patients come back with any complaints. It is a successful method.

            This also saves time for the diagnosis of the hair, because some time will be needed for the hair cells to get used to the new area. PRP or the platalet rich plasma, is something that is taken from the patient’s own blood and it consists of a lot of trombosit. When the hair transplant is done with PRP, the wounds heal faster and the transplanted hair grows back much quicker. Although no need to worry, as the people outside will not understand that the patient had a hair transplantation operation. With the help of PRP, the patient’s decayed hair follicles and strands will also become alive again.

            For the PRP to be conducted, only 10cc of blood is enough to be taken from the patient, not more. After the blood is taken, the platelets and the blood are separated with the help out centrifuge. This can only be done by an expert. The platelets are put into the scalp after the whole operation is done, so that it will help for the wound to heal after, the hairs to grow back quicker and so that the patient will not feel any pain after the operation. PRP will help the hair cells to be repaired. The results can be seen with the bare eyes from 3 weeks to 3 months after the surgery.

            The best part of PRP is that there is no risk in allergies or any other contagious disease, because the whole process is done using the patient’s own blood.


            This is a technique used to decrease the amount of hair falling. It helps to get the hair shinnier and healthier and also helps the new hair to grow better. Mesotherapy is done in total of 10 sessions. It can be said that the Mesotherapy session takes more than the operation. Every session is done in every week or maximum in every 2 weeks. The results can be seen by the patients after 6 or 7 sessions. This unfortunately does take time, but it is better than nothing. Some patients even want more than 10 sessions. How well or not the sessions are going can be seen %100 in 3 to 4 years.

            This is because hair follicles or in other words, the hair cells can be and will be renewed in the time being.

How Is Hair Mesotherapy Done?

            Mesotherapy is not any kind of exercise or sports like Yoga, but it is a solution that is applied to the scalp using a very thin injection apparatus. During this process, the patient may feel small stings, but it will not hurt for a long time. Unless the patient is very sensitive, some ice is applied to the scalp about 10 minutes before the Mesotherapy session. This is all that needs to be done for the patient not to feel the pain. Hair Mesotherapy is proven that it will keep the hair healthy and also help the hair to grow.

            In your houses, you can use different lotions and shampoos to shine your hair, but it will become dull again in 2 days. This is because nothing affects the scalp directly. Everything that you do at home, only affects your hair for couple of days. Mesotherapy is directly applied to the scalp. That is why it helps the health of the hair and  also the hair growth. You cannot reach the roots of your hair with lotions and shampoos, but with Mesotherapy it is possible to reach to the roots of the hairs. That is why your hair gets protected. If you do have a hair transplantation or are planning to have one, ask about Mesotheraphy also.

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