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Success of Hair Transplantation

There are hundreds of success stories for hair transplantation in Sky Hair. Hair transplant may sound very simple and people think it’s just growing hair in your body, but it is not as simple as that. First of all, whether your hair transplant operation goes well or not, all depends on the operation that the doctor is performing. Do note that everyone can make mistakes, even the experts. It all depends on your doctor’s skills and experience. The more operations are performed, the more the doctor will get experience in their career. No expert can have experience just by reading books and references.

            Not only does the successful stories come up because of the doctors. It also depends on the team that the doctor is working with. If the team is no use, it will not be any help to the doctor. Yeliz Parlatıcı Gerdan is one of the surgeons who has introduced hair transplantation to Turkey and has had many experiences and on the otherhand, has done many researches concerning hair. She has been working through this since 1999. She has never said that she is the only one and all expert of this department, but always quotes that she learns something every day.

            This is very important, because being an expert does not mean that you know everything. There are hundreds and probably thousands of experts in the world, but it does not mean that they know every single thing. Being an expert means to learn new things from others and other places and share the information you know with others. This is why Yeliz Parlatıcı Gerdan has become a professional since 1999. She is the owner of the Sky Hair transplant center and she carries out many hair transplant surgeries every day. This is because she has shown herself to the world.

            What she is doing is not easy and it is not easy to show yourself to the world. Many researches have to be done and many experiences must be taken. Hair transplant needs a lot of attention and this is very important. The team that she works with are also experts in their own departments, but are working on hair health. To be a professional is not as easy as everyone thinks. You must accept when you have done the right and the wrong. You cannot just escape when you have performed something wrong.

The Things That Should Be Paid Attention To In Hair Transplantation

            With no doubt, hair transplantation has developed through these past few years. It was a very small department, but now together with Yeliz Parlatıcı Gerdan, it has grown and many people are trying to be experts in hair transplantation, because hair is something very important for every human being. The development of technology, has also helped for hair transplantation to develop, because technology is needed nowadays for everything. With technology, hair transplant operations are getting easier every day. It can develop in many ways, but the only thing that does not change, is the craftsmanship.

            It will never change the fact that hair transplant was developed by Yeliz Parlatıcı Gerdan and it will never change the fact that she is the owner of Sky Hair, which is the best hair transplant clinics. As Sky Hair mentions, hair transplant is just like an orchestra, because it needs team work. It cannot be just done with one person. Even though the operation must be done by a professional doctor, there should be team that helps the doctor. If only even one person makes a mistake, the whole team falls apart. This is really what can happen with hair transplant. It may sound funny, but it is the truth.

            When we compare hair transplantation with an orchestra, the doctor is the conductor and must know everything about that orchestra. The team members are the musicians, therefore every member of the team must know what they are doing themselves inorder to make everything successful. Making the slits and opening the channels is the art for the whole team, which means the notation for the musicians. Everything of course depends on how succesful the whole team is, but it also depends on the patient’s; hair shape, hair type and play the right role to get back a healthy hair. Both the operation team and the patient have difficult roles.

            The success starts from opening exact mirochannels into the patient’s head. When this is done, it means that one successful step has been taken. This is not any kind of cut or slit that the doctor puts in, therefore it also needs skills. It is a millimetric work, that needs to be done very carefully. After the channels are open, the grafts should be put into the slits very carefully with the right angel. The hair transplant success all depends on both the doctor and the patient.

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