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Sky Hair In Hair Transplantation

Sky Hair hair transplant now has many branches around the world. In Turkey, Sky Hair was introduced 17 years ago by a woman expert named Yeliz Parlatıcı Gerdan. The reason for her to introduce Sky Hair into Turkey, was so that the patients can have a satisfactory hair transplant result, providing the patients with the highest quality possible, patient-centered care, which is very important and cost effective services, which means that some of the services are cost free for Sky Hair patients. Hair transplantation is one of the most important health issues around the world. It is one of the common issues that are being taken care of.

            Sky Hair was made with %100 guarantee by the expert Yeliz Parlatıcı Gerdan, that the patient will have a natural look after the operation. For this, the milimetric-directional hair transplantation was one of the best Fue methods, that she introduced to her patients. Yeliz Parlatıcı Gerdan’s aim was to give her patients and every other patient, the best care possible for hair transplant, because she knows that hair is one of the most important and natural accessories on the human face. It is something that must be taken care of, if there is problems in the hair.

            Nowadays, Sky Hair is known to be an international clinic, which takes care of patients from 47 different countries in just one year. This result is more than possible, as Sky Hair is one of the best clinics that you can consult. Sky Hair has done hundreds of successful hair transplantations and cares for patients. That is why, now it is the best clinic that you can g oto. There are many countries that own Sky Hair branches and some of them are; Germany, Holland, the USA, France, Russia, even Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab of Emirates and India.

            Looking at the countries, you maybe surprised to see some of the countries, but they are all real. Sky Hair is taking care of more than thousands of patients in these countries and there are even more countries with Sky Hair branches.

Medical Team

            Talking about the medical teams of Sky Hair, the operations of hair transplantation are always conducted by doctors, not even experts, but only doctors. This is very important, because especially hair transplantation is an operation that must be done with all the attention and detail. Therefore no other person, except for a doctor can perform the surgery. As the surgery is going on, allied health assistants or in other words, assistants with the needed certificates and who have gone through successful operations will be in together with the doctor during the operation. This will be very important for the patient also, as they will not want normal assistants or others operating them.

Hair Transplantation in Sky Hair

            Every operation done is performed in a steril environment. Steril environments or in other words %100 clean areas are very important whatsoever for the health. Every instrument and equipment used is changed and renewed for every patient. Even though hair transplantation may seem like a very easy operation, in other words it is one of the easiest operations, it does not mean that it can be carried out in any kind of environment. After all, your scalp gets slit, which means that the doctor will get under the patient’s skin, which means whatever happens, the area must always be steril. Nothing else will be accepted.

Hair Transplantation Techniques and Innovative Methods In Hair Transplantation

            The R&D, which is the department of research and development of Sky Hair, carries on every day to work in subjects such as; hair treatments, hair transplantation, hair loss and gaining hair in both men and women and many other issues, because the hair transplantation can change every day. Sky Hair can give the guarantee for all the hair transplantation methods it uses for their patients, but it does not mean that new ideas cannot come out. Many new issues can be discussed for hair transplantation. It is one of the world issues that is searched every day. Hair is important for every single human being.

            Some people may get used to the fact that they are bald, but normally every human has hair and needs to take care of it. For Sky Hair, the most important method until now is the milimetric-directional hair transplantation method, which is used together with the PRP and it is patented, which means that it is a method that only belongs to Sky Hair. Sky Hair clinic works every day to get out new information for hair health and care. Hair transplant is also important in hair care. The more you care for your hair, the more you will not need any hair transplantation to do done. Get in touch with Sky Hair and see the grand informations that you can get.

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