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PRP Assisted Fue Hair Transplantation

There are different ways that hair transplantation can be done. The other method is called PRP assisted Fue hair transplantation. Now some of you may think, what is PRP? Let’s first go through of what PRP stands for. PRP is platalet rich plasma, which is to do with blood, because before any process is done, some blood is taken from the patient for different kinds of investigations. Obviously anyone can have hair transplantation done, although in the case of PRP assisted hair transplantation, some tests have to be done inorder to proceed. The tests do not take very long, as it is done only with a very little amount of blood.

            The best part of having hair transplantation with PRP assistance, is that after you have your transplanting done, you do not have to worry about either your hair falling or having any hairloss. You can use your new hair for the rest of your life without having any problems. There can be many different reason why people may want to have hair transplanted or there can be no reason, just because they want to get their hair transplanted. Hair transplantation is actually an operation that seems simple, but can be difficult. PRP assisted Fue transplantation makes hair planting much easier.

            PRP or in other words, platelet rich plasma is natural plasma fluid, which is taken from the patient’s blood, that also consists of a lot of trombosits, but it helps inorder to check whether or not the patient is ready to have an hair transplantation. PRP has a lot of advantages and makes hair transplantation much easier. Many people prefer to use PRP assisted Fue hair tranplantation, just because of the advantages that is carries. Talking of the advantages; this method stops hair from falling, therefore it prevents hairloss after the operation, the wound heals very fast and the hair grows back extra quicker afterwards.

            It’s not actually how fast the hair grows back or if the wound heals faster. Of course these are important issues, but the most important issue would be, is the transplantation really going to work? You can spend thousands of dollars for the hair transplantation, because you think that everything is going to be fine, but after the operation, you see that your hair does not grow back, you have pains, you can see the scar in your hair and other problems. Then you should know that you’ve gone to the wrong hair transplant center. You should always search through, but Sky Hair is one of the best hair tranplantation centers you can go to.

            PRP assisted Fue hair transplant, also allows the worn out hair follicles to get back alive and also your hair strands start to get back to life again. This is another reason why people, not just men, but also women like to use the PRP assisted Fue method. It does not hurt, it does not give any pain and it gives you an excellent result. You can also call the Sky Hair tranplantation center to get all the information you want, but you do not have to worry for the fact that Sky Hair is the best hair transplanting center.

            When the PRP consultation is finished, the doctor will take about 10cc of blood from the patient, just to check that everything is find. When the PRP assisted Fue transplantation is done, there are three issues that the patient must keep in mind, which will make the transplantation easier; 1) preserving and in enhance the follicle viability for during and after the transplantation, 2) promoting and in enhance help the tissue repair and healing for after the transplantation and 3) to get the hair follicles to get used to their new area and start helping to grow new hair. These are important to know, because nothing is put to chance.

            Sky Hair does give the guarantee for all their operations, that the patient will have a perfect result, whatever the operation type is. Using PRP assisted system will not threaten your health or your skin health, therefore you can use very easily. When you go to Sky Hair, you will be asked questions about your health, your skin and hair, just incase of any situations. Anyone who wants to get an PRP assisted Fue hair transplant can have it done, but some people may just have a problem, whether they want to get the operation done or not. So consulting the hair transplant center is very important that nothing wrong happens.

            You can trust both the Fue method and the Sky Hair transplantation center. They will give you %100 results and you will feel just the same after you get your operation done. It is not an operation that will only last for half an hour, but if you arrange yourself one day, it will be more than enough.

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