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Hair Transplantation Techniques

Unshaven Fue Technique (Undetectable Fue)

This is a very special technique that you don’t have to shave your head or any of your hair.

As a summary, the hair transplant operation, is actually only transferring the hair follicles, as in the Fue technique, the hair follicles are taken one at a time from the donor area with something called the micro punch, which is a special material used to collect the follicles. The reason why Fue is preferred by most patients, is because it does not give a scar mark and it also decreases the healing time. This is either called the unshaven hair transplant or the Fue method.

The unshaven Fue technique can be performed to anyone who wants an unshaven hair transplant.

PRP Assisted Fue Hair Transplantation

When hair transplantation is done with the PRP assisted Fue technique, it is a perfect for stopping the hair from falling and it also saves time for the diagnosis of hairloss.

PRP stands for platalet rich plasma, which is just natural plasma fluid taken from the patient’s blood, but it also consists of too much trombosits.

When the hair transplant is done with PRP, the time for the wound to heal is much faster and the transplanted hair grows much quicker.

On the otherhand, the patient’s worn out hair follicles and hair strands come back alive.

When the PRP consultation is being done, it is good enough to take 10cc of blood from the patient.

Cold Graft Hair Transplantation

Cold Graft hair transplantation is a new technique that was introduced by Sky Hair transplant. This is the same method is Fue, but in the Cold Graft method, the grafts collected from the donor area, is first placed into petri dishes that have a special solution inside and then kept in the cold for a while, so that the quality of the grafts increases. The hair transplantation process becomes more successful, because leaving the grafts in the cold, increases the quality of the grafts and tissues.

Milimetric-Directional Hair Transplantation

This is another method that was found by Sky Hair transplantation and it is a method that gives %100 natural look.

By the end of the 6th month after your hair transplantation, no one will be able to understand that you had a hair transplant operation.

Let’s talk alittle about what this hair transplant method is.

It is a new hair transplantation method, that was taken out from the original Fue technique. When the hair transplanting process starts, first millimetric slits are cut into the scalp with cut blades, which are suitable for the patient’s grafts and skin. Afterwards the follicles taken from the donor area are put into the slits cut, with the help of special forceps. For the natural appearance, some solution with vitamins are put under the scalp.

Fue Hair Transplantation

The Fue hair tranplant method, is now used in many transplant centers.

The Fue hair transplantation technique is done by collecting follicles from the back of the head, which is called the donor area.

Fue stands for, the Follcular Unit Extraction is the hair transplantation method, where follicles are collected or in other words, extracted from the back of the head or any part of your body with hair and then placed into slits that were made in your scalp with blades. There will be no stitches in this method, which means that there will be no scars.

The advantages of the Fue method; 1) removes small scars, 2) beard and moustache transplantation can be done, 3) give a natural look after having a unnatural look from past transplantations, 4) no scars, seems and everything is natural, 5) no pain after the process, 6) a stress-free hair transplantation process.

Fut Hair Transplantation

This is an old hair transplantation method.

An area between the ears is shaved about 2-5mm in length. A hair band is placed with the help of aesthetic surgeon depending on the tissues of the hair follicles, hair density, elasticity and for also the needs of the grafts. Afterwards the chosen area of tissue is collected by local anesthesia.

It is important that the hair band is parallel with the directions of the follicles, so that the loss of follicular units and the amount of scar can be decreased.

After the operation, the area is stitched up, but you do not have to worry, as the stitches will not be seen.

The hairy tissues are divided into their follicular units under the microscope, then they are divided into groups of strands.

This surgery is done in couple sessions and at the second surgery, the hair line is determined to the patient’s shape of face. The next channels are opened in the needed areas.

Finally at the third operation, the follicular units are placed into the channels slit open.

At the end of the day, your head will be bandaged, although it can be removed the following day.

Mega Seance Hair Transplant

The hair transplantation operation of 2 sessions

This is either called the mega seance or 2 sessions transplant operation. This is the simplest version of the Fue technique and in this version, the surgery starts on the first day, continuing into the second day.

Why 2 Sessions?

Every person’s hair type is very different, therefore there can be people who only need one session of operation for hair transplant and there also could be people, who need 2 sessions for their hair transplant.

If patients who need to get their second session 6 months after their first operation, that is also possible.

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