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Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is an operation done with local anesthesia, which takes about 6 to 8 hours. Before the operation begins, the first step taken is, the doctor collects the follicular units. Afterwards a channel gets opened, so that the collected follicular units can be transplanted. In the final stage, every unit is transplanted individually.

For the fact that the operation is done under local anesthesia, no pain is felt by the patient. The doctor also prescribes drugs, which will keep the patient from feeling any pain. Therefore it means that after the operation, no pain is felt also.

There is no specific time or season for hair transplantation to be done. The patient can get the operation done any time in the year. Having a hair transplantation definitely does not have to stop you from going into the sea. It is seen that the hair grows faster and the skin rebuilds itself rapidly in the summer.

If the operation is done by professional doctors and team, there will be no thinning seen where the follicles are taken from. The patient can use their transplanted hair for the rest of their lives and will not loose anything. Sky Hair gives you the guarantee, that after the operation, everything looks normal and natural.

Depending on the donor area of the patient, grafts can vary from 3500 to 5000 in number, which means between 7500-8000 follicles. Please note, that the number of grafts is different from the number of follicles. Even though some hair transplant employees say that they can transplant 7000-8000 grafts, it is only possible to transplant over 5000 in one session and even if there is a possibility, the result will not be a success.

After the operation, there will be scabs in the patient’s hair, but there is nothing to worry about as the scabs fall off and get cleared every time the patient washes their hair. All the scabs will be cleared away nicely around the 10th day after the operation. The patient can continue to live their normal life, only they must not forget to wear a hat.

After the operation, the hair will start to grow in the following 3 months. You can only see the result of your hair growth between the 6th month and 1 year after the operation.

So What Exactly Is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a surgical tranplantation procedure that can be done to both men and women. It is a surgery that gives you exact and hundred percent result for baldness, which can also close up wounds and burn scars. Hair loss problem sor baldness, which is most common for men, is taken care of completely with hair transplantation.

Hair loss is one of the problems that can be faced depending on genetic factors, stress and even environmental factors. Other methods used besides hair transplantation is unfortunately not permanent solutions.

People may have questions nd doubts in their mind, when they think about getting hair transplantation, but when you get your hair transplantation done at the right place, you get excellent results.

Then How Is Hair Transplantation Done?

Hair transplantation as mentioned above, is a surgical procedure and it can be done in two different techniques; one called FUT and the other FUE.

If the FUT technique is used, the first step in this method is done by taking a scalp from the back of the head, which is also called the donor area. After the scalp is taken, the area is covered by stitching aesthetic, so that it will prevent the surgery scar. As this is being done, an experienced medical team collects off the grafts from the strip of scalp taken. After all this process is done, the transplanting procedure gets completed, by the grafts being planted into the small channels, which are slit open. Although you must note, that FUT technique is not so popular nowadays.

The reason that the FUT method is not used so much, is because the FUE method is easier to do. The biggest difference between the FUT and the FUE techniques is the collecting of the follicular units. In the FUE method, you will not have to be stitched, therefore the healing time will be much shorter. This is a big reason why FUE is more preferred nowadays then FUT.

In both the FUT and the FUE techniques, the grafts are planted into the small opened channels in the bald areas. Again because local anesthesia is used for the patient, while the operation is being done, they do not feel any pain at all.

The number of sessions needed for the patient after ther operation, all depends on the patient’s expectations, the properties of the donor area, the area that the transplantation surgery was done and the amounts of grafts that were collected.

Sky Hair guarantees that the patient will have a normal and natural look after the operation. They use the best transplantation techniques and help you %100 to get your hair back.

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