Center of Istanbul, Turkey
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry aims to design natural looking and aesthetically pleasing teeth that are consistent with an individual’s face and restore the health and vitality of their smile. Artificial teeth with exaggerated form and color can be recognized easily even by an amateur eye. Therefore, a comprehensive preparation and planning phase is necessary in cosmetic dentistry.


  • You will get an aesthetic smile without pain.
  • It is temporary but durable.
  • It is a dental cosmetic product.
  • You can insert and remove it every time you want to by yourself.
  • You can easily eat and drink with snap on smile.

Clinic and radiographic examination:

Before moving to cosmetic solutions, a general examination of mouth and dental health is performed. A complete radiographic examination of the patient’s mouth is performed to decide on the following procedures.


Impressions of lower and upper jaws are taken to produce casts of the teeth and surrounding tissues.


By taking photographs of the patient’s face, smile, profile and intraoral tissues, every feature is recorded for a better evaluation.

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