Center of Istanbul, Turkey
Beard & Moustache Transplantation

This is a refined hair implanting procedure as only one or two hairs need to be implanted at a time.

Tangential incisions are made. Hair length is 1 cm in order to perfectly adjust the hair’s orientation in the incision.

Results are visible as soon as possible and of high quality.

The hair is extracted from the scalp as this hair resembles the original beard hair the most.

It is difficult to find body hair that is as same as beard or moustache hair. Beard or moustache hair has a different property: it always grows separately. The hair follicle also includes one hair, while head hair grows in small groups of two to three hair strands.

The classic technique needs removing a strip of hair at the back of the scalp (FUT).

Under the microscope hair strands are isolated one by one, meaning follicles are divided in two or three parts. Then the follicular units are put in fine incisions of approximately 0.7 to 0.8 mm.

The scars It is necessary to differentiate the scars in the recipient area from those in the donor area.

If the procedure is performed correctly with clean and fine incisions, and the grafts, from which the skin at the hair base was extracted, are carefully transferred, then there will not be scarring. It will then be almost impossible to differentiate the follicles from the original hairs.

The scar in the donor area will be linear, nearly 1 millimeter wide and exactly invisible as the area will be closed by hair. Only if the donor area is fully shaved off, the scar might become visible.

In FUE can be more useful for this type of hair transplant. Because the people who have had beard or mustache transplant by FUT, are not completely gratified.However The FUE technique provides to avoid the linear scar in the donor area in this way the patients are completely satisfied after transplantation. Also the planting time decreases and as a result of this hair follicles do not die by FUE.

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